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NHS Health Check Programme Standards: A framework for quality improvement

National Guidance

Local Examples

Oxfordshire County Council  has developed and implemented a Quality Assurance Audit Tool* and  audit process to assess the quality of local NHS Health Check delivery against the PHE NHS Health Check Programme Standards 2014/15.

The Oxfordshire QA Tool was used during visits to participating GP providers of the NHS Health Check programme between October 2014 and March 2015.  Concurrently, the council performed a Read Code data extraction from providers to assess the quality of data recording against the programme standards. Results were compiled in a dashboardand used to inform feedback.

The council concluded that the process was acceptable to providers ,was effective in identifying strengths and weaknesses in local delivery and has been used to inform next steps.  The process, tools and results have been shared here for Local Authorities to use as a reference point and example of local good practice.

*Please note these tools were created before the amendments to the programme standards in 2020

If you have any local examples you would like to add to this page, please contact the NHS Health Check team.

Page reviewed: 17.03.2021