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National Cardiovascular Disease Prevention System Leadership Forum

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) affects around seven million people in the United Kingdom (UK) and is a significant cause of disability and death, affecting individuals, families and communities. CVD is responsible for one in four deaths in England, which equates to one death every four minutes.

Convened by PHE, the National Cardiovascular Disease Prevention System Leadership Forum (CVDSLF) brings together over 40 partners from government, NHS England, other arm’s length bodies, royal colleges, the third sector, academia and clinicians. It provides a platform for members to align priorities, work collaboratively and help enable system leadership on CVD prevention. It has focus on the three major risk factors – blood pressure, atrial fibrillation (AF), and cholesterol.

It brings together representation of key interested parties across a range of sectors and professions who have interest, expertise, influence and responsibility relating to the programme aim to improve the prevention, early detection and management of high blood pressure, AF and high cholesterol.

These three conditions are a major cause of heart attacks and strokes, so by effectively diagnosing and managing them, we can prevent a large number of CVD events, see a reduction in morbidity and mortality, as well as seeing a return on investment in a relatively short time frame..

In 2019, the Forum’s agreed and launched a national level of ambition on each of the three key risk factors, which will provide system leadership, encourage further collaboration, and galvanise local action.

Links to the work of the CVDSLF

In February 2020, PHE published a blog on the 10 year CVD Ambitions for England – one year on. This blog outlines several promising areas of work and initiatives led by members of the CVD System Leadership Forum that have been addressing the ambitions since their launch in February 2019.

Preventing cardiovascular disease: saving hearts and minds together focuses on the ambitions developed by the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention System Leadership Forum (CVDPSLF) in 2019 that set out to improve the detection and management of atrial fibrillation (AF), high blood pressure and raised cholesterol, and reduce the health inequalities associated with CVD.

Tackling high blood pressure: from evidence into action sets out the shared ambition to improve the prevention, detection and management of high blood pressure by:

-    providing a compelling case to tackle high blood pressure

-    highlighting specific issues on the blood pressure pathway where there is greatest opportunity for transformation

-    demonstrating some roles for a wide range of organisations

-    setting out what key partners are already pledging to do in support of our ambition

PHE's blood pressure resource hub brings together case studies, data and guidance to support public health and NHS commissioners, and those providing services, to tackle high blood pressure in their local area.

PHE's Healthier Lives Hypertension Atlas presents performance data on blood pressure risk factors, prevalence, detection and care. This data is available at local authority, CCG and general practice level.

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