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Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Conference 2019

Saving Hearts and Minds Together

The sixth annual Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Prevention Conference hosted by Public Health England (PHE) was held on Thursday 14 February 2019 at Manchester United Football Club. The focus of this year’s conference was on scaling up CVD prevention to improve service impact and health care outcomes.


Plenary speakers included:


Workshop one

1A Training:Using system mapping to inform the planning of whole system approaches to complex public health problems.

1B Discussion:Improving physical health in people with mental illness. Document found here. 

1C The secret life of cholesterol: detection, diagnosis and treatment.

1D NHS Health Check patient information: can it encourage behaviour change?

Workshop two

2A Training: Behavioural insights for intervention design. Find document here.

2B Discussion:Thinking outside the box: getting the most from the NHS Health Check programme. Find document here and here

2C Taking the tension out of hypertension: targeted approaches to reducing blood pressure. Find document here and here

2D Tackling CVD through shared decision-making:patients and clinicians working together.

Workshop three

3A Training:Communicating CVD risk. 

3B Discussion: Feeling the beat:detecting and treating atrial fibrillation. Find document here and here.

3C Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme: the journey so far. 

3D Facing the future: The role of digital technology in the NHS Health Check. Find document here. 

This year’s poster award winners were Ruth Pell-Ilderton, Jane Bayley and Janette Brown from East Cheshire NHS Trust for their poster on community services working together to support patients with heart failure.

Setting the national scene and making the case for investment in CVD

Associate professor Jamie Waterall, National Lead and Deputy Chief Nurse, CVD prevention team, Public Health England

High risk conditions for CVD: high impact prevention in the NHS

Dr Matt Kearney, National Clinical Director for CVD Prevention, NHS England and Public Health England

A third way of achieving cardiovascular health

Professor David Wood, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, International Centre for Circulatory Health, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London

Health inequalities, mental health and CVD: breaking the cycle

Sarah Hughes, Chief Executive, Centre of Mental Health

Community mobilisation: the opportunities for CVD prevention

Jacob West, Director of Healthcare Innovation, British Heart Foundation

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