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All NHS Health Check patient information leaflets and booklets are available print ready in PDF form, accessible on the NHS Health Check website.

Marketing Toolkit

A toolkit has been developed to provide marketing support for all those promoting and implementing the NHS Health Check programme locally. This includes those at the start of implementing the programme and those trying to develop their programmes by engaging a range of hard-to-reach audiences.

The marketing toolkit now includes:

The original InDesign artwork files for the templates can now be downloaded directly from here. If you have any problems accessing the files, please contact and provide details of the specific program-type required.

PR Toolkit

A comprehensive NHS Health Check PR toolkit is now available. The toolkit is for local authorities to help them deliver communications and PR activity. It includes template press releases, suggested copy for social media, key messages and ideas on how to get PR coverage for campaigns.

Additional collateral such as a bespoke photo library, customer research and behavioural insight reports will support your PR activity for your NHS Health Check programme.

Download the PR Toolkit here

If any successful activity runs in your local area, or there are any key learning that can be shared, get in touch with the national PHE marketing team at Feedback and insight from teams on the ground is essential to the development of future campaigns and activities.

Posters & Outdoor Banners

PDF files

NHS Health Check Roller Banner - July 2014

NHS Health Check Poster - July 2014

NHS Health Check Advert - July 2014

NHS Health Check Advert LS - July 2014

Artwork files

NHS Health Check Roller Banner Zipped Artwork - July 2014

NHS Health Check Poster Zipped Artwork - July 2014

NHS Health Check Advert Zipped Artwork - July 2014

NHS Health Check Advert Landscape Zipped Artwork - July 2014

Billboard Banners

NHS Health Check 48 Sheet Billboard Multi - March 2015 (Note: the image files in this folder may not be of a high enough resolution for what you require so please select image(s) from Image Bank when producing final design)

NHS Health Check 48 Sheet Billboard Single - March 2015

NHS Health Check 6 sheet - March 2015

Please note: When downloading the artwork files for use you must use a MAC computer which has Adobe InDesign installed - the files will corrupt if opened with a PC and then forwarded on. We advise you to send the link to this page to your designers who will know how to handle the files. If you are using the most recent version of Creative Suite, please use the file extension '.indd' located within the packaged artwork file. If you are using an older version of Creative Suite, e.g CS4, then please use the back-saved file extension name 'idml'.

PowerPoint Templates

NHS Health Check PPT presentation template - July 2014

NHS Health Check PPT presentation alternative template - July 2014

Marketing and Branding Resources

PR Toolkit 30 01 2015

NHS Health Check Identity Guidelines 15 04 2015 - UPDATED

NHS Health Check Marketing Advice and Ideas 31 07 2014

New Brand Elements


NHS Health Check Banner - Primary 31 03 2014

NHS Health Check Banner - Tall 31 03 2014

NHS Health Check Banner - Shallow 31 03 2014

Radio resources

NHS Health Check Radio Guidance 10 03 2015

NHS Health Check Radio Ad Scripts 10 03 2015

Page reviewed: 17/03/2021

Top Tips

Top Tips for NHS Health Check leaflets and campaigns can be found here.