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Identification and assessment of digital technologies to assist with the NHS Health Check

This report describes the methods and findings from an analysis of the digital health marketplace to identify and assess existing digital products capable of delivering key elements of the NHS Health Check.

Evaluation of the heart age test

PHE commissioned the Centre for Health Development, Staffordshire University to conduct an evaluation of the heart age test (HAT). The HAT is an online test to indicate an individual’s potential cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk through estimated Heart Age, which can be compared to actual age. The test aims to increase understanding of CVD risk, provide information and signpost individuals to resources, improve knowledge and understanding of CVD risk, and encourage individuals to take up the offer of an NHS Health Check.

This report may be of interest to researchers and policy makers, as well as local authorities and health care providers with a responsibility for CVD prevention.

The full paper can be found here.

A webinar discussing the findings from paper can be found here.

Practice examples of international digital products for cardiovascular risk assessment and management

The report identifies and describes: five digital products used internationally to assess, communicate and support users to take action to reduce their cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk; how the products were used; and the outcomes they achieved. Learnings from these practice examples are described in the context of England’s NHS Health Check. This report may be of interest to policy makers as well as local authorities which have responsibility for commissioning the NHS Health Check programme and organisations delivering the NHS Health Check.

The full paper produced by Public Health England can be found here.

Page reviewed: 21/10/2022