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Cardiovascular disease

Public Health England cardiovascular disease prevention initiatives, 2018 to 2019

Public Health England cardiovascular disease prevention initiatives, 2018 to 2019 - November 2018

Public Health England Return on investment

Public Health England Return on investment tool - October 2018


NHS Health Check

NHS Health Check: Restart Preparation

NHS Health Check: Restart Preparation - April 2021

Best Practice Guidance

NHS Health Check best practice guidance - October 2019 (updated March 2020)

Top tips for increasing the uptake of NHS Health Checks - August 2016

Programme Standards

NHS Health Check programme standards - July 2020

QRISK®3 Explained

NHS Health Checks: QRISK®3 Explained – August 2021

Health Equity Audit

NHS Health Check Health Equity Audit Guidance - January 2017


NHS Health Check: stocktake and action plan - January 2018

NHS Health Check priorities for research - February 2015

Competency Framework

NHS Health Check competency framework - July 2020

NHS Health Check learner and assessor workbook - July 2020


NHS Health Check Single Data List Returns Guide - Oct 13 Refresh - Oct 2013

NHS Health Check IG and data flows pack - Oct 2016*

*Please note this guidance was developed before GDPR guidance and is due to be reviewed


The Local Authorities (Public Health Functions and Entry to Premises by Local Healthwatch Representatives) Regulations - 2013

Making Every Contact Count

Making Every Contact Count (MECC): practical resources - Jan 2016


Physical Health Checks in Prisons 

Physical Health Checks in Prisons Standards: A framework for quality improvement August 2017

Physical Health Checks in Prisons: Programme Guidance August 2017

Physical Health Checks in Prisons sample recording template: HMP Manchester Template for SystmOne September 2017

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