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Content review process

As the NHS Health Check programme has become established it has been recognised that the benefits of the programme might be extended to other areas. This has led to requests for removing, amending or introducing new elements to the programme.

Public Health England (PHE) recognises the importance of considering proposals to change the NHS Health Check programme and the need to have a robust case underpinning any such request. In 2013, PHE established the Expert Scientific and Clinical Advisory Panel (ESCAP). A key responsibility of this group is to consider proposals to change the content of the NHS Health Check programme and to make an informed, evidence-based, recommendation to health ministers. To support ESCAP to perform this function a content review process has been agreed.


Proposals considered in 2019

Hearing loss

Proposals considered in 2017

As part of the content review process ESCAP received five proposals to amend the NHS Health Check. ESCAP agreed that four of these proposals should not progress to stage 2. Information on the proposals and ESCAPs recommendations can be found in the documents below.

Carers proposal

Liver function proposal

Pulse check proposal

Lung function proposal

A proposal, to only undertake lipid testing on people with a cardiovascular disease risk greater than 10% did progress. PHE commissioned a review of the evidence on the topic area. However due to the paucity of evidence ESCAP recommended not progressing the proposal. The full evidence review can be found below. 

Lipid proposal

Lipid evidence review

Proposals considered in 2015

Thirteen proposals were submitted by stakeholders to ESCAP. Two were recommended for progression:

Diabetes filter consultation paper

NHS Health Check Diabetes Filter Feasibility Report February 2015

It was agreed 11 should not progress to stage two of the content review process. The individual proposals and ESCAPs recommendations are listed below:

Back pain proposal

COPD proposal

Exclusion criteria proposal

Falls assessment proposal

Fruit and vegetable intake proposal

Hypertension proposal

Lung age proposal

Pulse check proposal

Screening proposal

Targeting proposal

Vitamin D proposal