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2020 Webinars


Developing new NHS Health Check implementation models during COVID-19: local examples

Katherine Thompson, Head of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Programme at Public Health England, chaired this webinar which shared local examples of how different areas are delivering NHS Health Checks during the COVID-19 response. Presenters include Gareth Walsh, Public Health Practitioner at Cornwall Council, Tracey Hembrough, Advanced Practitioner / Nurse Partner at Alverton Practice, and Georgina Crossman, Programme Manager - Health Improvement, Medway Council.

Publication of new local metrics from the NHS Health Check national primary care dataset

This webinar presents the new local metrics from the NHS Health Check national primary care dataset. Presenters include Catherine Lagord, Analyst, CVD Prevention team in Public Health England, Liam Wilkinson, Data scientist in the Primary care domain, NHS Digital, and Natasha Chetwynd, Analyst, Primary care domain, NHS Digital. The webinar was chaired by Dr Matt Kearney, National Clinical Lead for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, Public Health England.


Riyaz Patel, Professor of Cardiology, UCL and Consultant Cardiologist, Barts Health and UCLH NHS Trusts, delivers a webinar sharing the findings from the published paper: Evaluation of the uptake and delivery of the NHS Health Check programme in England, using primary care data from 9.5 million people: a cross sectional study. The webinar was chaired by Jamie Waterall, Deputy Chief Nurse, Public Health England.

*Please note that due to a technical error not all slides show in the video. The slides can be accessed here and used to follow along with the presentation.

Louise Tanner, Ryan Kenny and Fiona Pearson present a webinar to discuss to findings from the NHS Health Check programme: updated evidence review 2020. The webinar was chaired by Katherine Thompson.


Influences on NHS Health Check Behaviours

Dr Lou Atkins, Consultant in Behaviour Change Intervention Design and Evaluation, University College London, delivers a webinar sharing the findings from the recently published paper Influences on NHS Health Check behaviours: a systematic review. The webinar was chaired by Katherine Thompson. Presentation slides can be found here

Learnings from the discovery phase of the Digital exemplar work

Eleanor Wilkinson and Chryssa Stefanidou deliver a webinar discussing learnings from the discovery phase of the Digital exemplar work. The webinar was chaired by Katherine Thompson.

Claire Levermore spoke about the Accelerating Detection of Disease (ADD) programme - the UK’s largest ever health research programme, and the opportunity to be one of the pilot areas helping establish this world-leading resource for health research. The webinar was chaired by Professor John Deanfield.


Tracey Bignall and Jabeer Butt from the Race Equality Foundation share insights and learnings from their community-based blood pressure testing pilots for Black Caribbean and African men, conducted earlier in 2020. Michaela Nuttall, Public Health England's Clinical Advisor, chaired the webinar.


Katherine Thompson, Head of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, Public Health England, chaired this webinar highlighting the relevant existing guidance and areas for consideration when restarting the NHS Health Check programme during the COVID-19 recovery phase. The webinar features local implementors; Paul Stokes, Head of Programmes, Health Improvement, London Borough of Southwark, and Lynda Seery, Public Health Specialist, Newcastle City Council, discussing how health checks are being restarted in their area.


NHS Health Checks - Health Equity Audits

A webinar chaired by Nicky Saynor, Health & Wellbeing Manager, PHE South West, focusing on the value of conducting health equity audits, to support tailoring NHS Health Check implementation to suit local system priorities and population needs. We hear from four local authorities on their learnings from undertaking health equity audits on their NHS Health Check programmes: Alan Orchard (Lancashire County Council), Stephen Pinel (Oxfordshire County Council), Fatima Ndanusa (Hampshire County Council) and Tom Bourne (Kent County Council).

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