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Omicron B
23rd December 2021

General practice workload prioritisation guide

The Royal College of General Practitioners and British Medical Association published a workload prioritisation guide for general practice (GP) during the accelerated booster vaccination campaign. The document is intended as short-term guidance to inform GP planning whilst delivering the booster programme. The RCGP highlight that is it important to recognise that pressures directly linked to Omicron are not being uniformly felt across regions or systems. Therefore, the guidance recommends that final decisions about what to stop or delay should take place locally in consultation with Local Medical Committees and in partnership with Clinical Commissioning Groups, but ultimately it is for practices to determine how they best meet the needs of their patients. The guidance suggests that, in the short-term, GPs consider the NHS Health Check programme as one area of work that could be deprioritised.

Omicron B
14th December 2021

Acceleration of the COVID booster programme

On the 13 of December NHSE/I published further guidance to Integrated Care Systems and Strategic Transformation Programme leads on the acceleration of the COVID booster programme. This advice: • recognises the change in the alert level from 3 to 4 and asks local authorities to support the NHS with prioritising the booster programme, this includes redeploying administrative and clinical staff to support delivery; • sets out that general practice should pause routine and non-urgent care and redeploy staff to support the booster programme; and • confirms changes to payment schemes to support systems to accelerate action on the booster programme. More detailed operational advice from NHSE/I, Royal College of General Practitioners and the British Medical Association is to follow.

Evidence-based review of the NHS Health Check programme
7th December 2021

Evidence-based review of the NHS Health Check programme

The evidence-based review of the NHS Health Check programme has now concluded. The final report was published on 7 December 2021. The report recognises the value of the NHS Health Check and sets out six recommendations to Government on how the programme could go further in preventing non-communicable disease and helping to reduce health inequalities. The recommendations present an exciting opportunity for the programme to realise its full potential. Find out more