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Programme resources

National invitation letter template

Findings from a randomised controlled trial in Southwark show that small changes to how patients are invited to attend an NHS Health Check can substantially increase uptake. The national invitation letter has been updated to reflect the content used in the most effective letter from this study. You can find out more here.

Invitation letters

NHS Health Check Invitation Letter - Black version v2 - July 2017

NHS Health Check Invitation Letter - Black - August 2015

NHS Health Check Invitation Letter - Blue - August 2015

NHS Health Check Invitation Letter - Blue Footer - August 2015

Invitation flyer

A5 flyer - March 2015

A5 flyer artwork files - March 2015

Appointment cards

A6 appointment card - March 2015

A6 appointment card artwork files - March 2015

Please note: When downloading the "artwork" files for use you must use a MAC computer which has Adobe InDesign installed - the files will corrupt if opened with a PC and then forwarded on. We advise you to send the link to this page to your designers who will know how to handle the files. If you are using the most recent version of Creative Suite, please use the file extension '.indd' located within the packaged artwork file. If you are using an older version of Creative Suite, e.g CS4, then please use the back-saved file extension name 'idml'.

Results card and booklet

The NHS Health Check results card and booklet have been designed in consultation with colleagues to support local programmes.

These are editable templates which have been specially designed for customisation before use. Please ensure your logos are embedded in the placeholders within the bottom blue bar.

Please ensure any changes made to the booklet complies with the NHS Health Check branding guidelines.

PDF files

Results Card - July 2014

Results Booklet - November 2016

Artwork files

Results Card Zipped Artwork file - July 2014

Results Booklet Zipped Artwork file - November 2016

Page reviewed: 19/10/2022