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Making the Case for the NHS Health Check programme

The resources below can be used to help make the case for the financial and health benefits of implementing the NHS Health Check programme.

National tools

Information on the national economic modelling, impact assessment and health outcomes can be found on the national guidance page.

Historical literature searches can be accessed here. Other NHS Health Check evidence can be found here.

NICE Guidelines on Prevention of CVD

Assessing risk of type 2 diabetes

The 2017 update to the Best Practice Guidance recommends that a validated tool is used to assess the risk of type 2 diabetes as part of an NHS Health Check. To help local authorities understand how different validated risk assessment tools perform, PHE published a comparator tool. This provides an illustration of the number of people in the local population identified at risk of diabetes for each of the tools, as well as estimates for the number of people each tool would identify with non-diabetic hyperglycaemia and type 2 diabetes. The comparator tool is intended to help inform local decisions on which validated tool to use.   

Diabetes Comparator Tool - February 2017

Ready Reckoner Tool

The NHS Health Check Ready Reckoner helps health and social care commissioners, providers, elected members, local government officers and academics to provide a snapshot of the potential cost and savings that can be made by NHS Health Checks. The Ready Reckoner uses gender and age-based national estimates and applies these to local populations.

The tool has an option to amend the data to reflect local demographics and costs to allow detailed analysis and results. Detailed local estimates will help decision makers to take action to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and kidney disease among their populations. The results section provides the key facts and cost estimates that could be attributed to NHS Health Checks. The 2014 version contains up-to-date demographic information for clinical commissioning groups and upper-tier local authorities for England.

Ready Reckoner Tool - V.9 28th May 2014

Page reviewed: 20/12/2022