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Describe the method used to define the total eligible population

Please include information on:

Ineligible population

People who have previously had an NHS Health Check should NOT be excluded from the eligible population, unless they were found to have a 20% or higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease over the next 10 years.

The ineligible population is calculated by estimating the numbers of people already on a disease register. The eligible population is independent from the number of invitations already made during the 5 year cycle. When estimating the total eligible population, a person who has received a NHS Health Check in the last 5 years - although not eligible for re-call until 5 years after their first NHS Health Check - remains in the total eligible population if they still satisfy the eligibility criteria.

Process for considering alternative eligible population

Alternative eligible population figures submitted to OHID will be evaluated against the following criteria:

NHS Health Check Exclusion Criteria

As the NHS Health Check is a public health programme aimed at preventing disease, people with previously diagnosed cardiovascular disease or who meet the criteria set out below are excluded from the programme. These individuals should already be receiving appropriate management and monitoring through existing care pathways.

Exclusion criteria:

* risk identified by a previous NHS Health Check, or any other check undertaken through the health service in England.