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NHS Health Check 2024-25 eligible population

Total Eligible Population (TEP) estimates have been calculated by the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID) using the latest available Office of National Statistics data, minus the estimated number of people on existing disease registers. 

To estimate the number of people on existing disease registers and therefore not eligible for a NHS Health Check, the age and sex specific weightings used in the NHS Health Check Ready Reckoner tool were applied to the local population.

Prisoners serving a sentence of at least six months but under two years were also excluded from the TEP because, although they are not eligible for a NHS England check, by virtue of them being in prison they cannot access a NHS Health Check provided by the local authority.

The deadline for local authorities to submit revisions to their 2024-25 TEP is Wednesday 12 June 2024

OHID estimates for 2024-25 for local authorities can be found in the NHS Health Check TEP spreadsheet.

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2017-18 total eligible population consultation

Public Health England launched a consultation in December 2017 on the methodology to estimate the total eligible population and to report activity after 2017-18.

Consultation on the methodology to estimate the total eligible population and to report activity after 2017-18

Please note, this consultation closed on 25 January 2018.

2016-17 total eligible population - Methodological changes

From Quarter 1 of financial year 2016-17 (data published 25 August 2016), the total population eligible for a NHS Health Check was estimated using a slightly different method. 

Previously, it was estimated that 30% of residents aged 40-74 were not eligible for a NHS Health Check as they would already be on a cardiovascular disease (CVD) register.  

Following a methodology review, the fixed rate of 30% has been changed to better reflect the age-sex population profile of each local authority, by applying national age-specific rates of the population on a CVD register to the local authority population. 

Age-specific rates were sourced from the published NHS Health Check Ready Reckoner.  Population data for 2014 were obtained from the Office of National Statistics. 

In addition, as in previous years, local authorities were invited to amend their 2016-17 total eligible population if more accurate modelling was available locally.