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NHS Health Check national data extraction

Starting in June 2018, NHS Digital, acting on behalf of Public Health England (PHE), will be collecting information about people who are invited to an NHS Health Check. The information will contain the results of people who did or did not attend. This information will be extracted in mid-2018 using the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) run by NHS Digital.

PHE wants to use the information collected in order to monitor access to the NHS Health Check programme for different populations, as well as the number of people in different communities who are attending an NHS Health Check when they are invited. It will also help to measure how well the programme is being run across England and whether it is having an impact on the health of local people. To date, this information has not been collected on a national scale.

The data will also be analysed to inform our partners and other professionals involved in the programme, including the Department of Health, commissioners and professional groups who provide NHS Health Checks, such as pharmacists.

If any statistics or reports using this data are published, PHE will observe Government standards that ensure that individuals cannot be identified from published data.

You can download the following documents providing more information the data extract:

The work is being advised by the Data Extract Advisory Committee, which is guiding how the data extract will be used for the purpose of monitoring the reach, implementation and impact of the NHS Health Check programme.

For further information and documentation, including the Privacy Notice: NHS Health Check for adults aged 40-74 years, please see the NHS Digital landing page.