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Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Conference 2020

Proactive, predictive, personalised held in London at the Kia Oval on Thursday 6 February 2020

Plenary speakers included:

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Workshop one

1A. Preventing 150,000 heart attacks, strokes and cases of dementia

NHS England and partners discussed activity and progress on the NHS Long Term Plan ambition, to prevent 150,000 heart attacks and strokes.

Jen Bayly

Sarah Marsh

Vit Pollito

1B. Physical activity for the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease and other long-term non-communicable diseases

A talk from from partners who are working together to enhance physical activity levels to prevent cardiovascular disease and other long-term non-communicable diseases.

Charlene Simon

Charlie Coward

Michelle Roberts

Ross Boseley

1C. Discussion. Using primary care data management systems to underpin action on cardiovascular disease

Within this round table discussion, we explored how enhancing primary care systems is a vital step in tackling cardiovascular disease.

Lorraine Oldridge 

Stuart Rison

Jody Nichols

Raj Thakkar

1D. Training. Reducing health inequalities in hypertension: applying the Population Outcomes Through Services (POTS) framework

Professor Chris Bentley will lead delegates through the Population Outcomes Through Services (POTS) tool, specifically when considering how to reduce inequalities in hypertension.

Chris Bentley

Workshop two

2A. Novel approaches: taking CVD prevention to the people

Within this session we will explore the role of self-management in healthcare and hear how advances in digital and at home solutions is aiding this.

Ann-Marie McShane

Lucy Yardley

Tim Chadborn

2B. Building the local picture: driving action on prevention using NHS Health Check data

Exploring the power of data in enhancing the NHS Health Check programme. This session will discuss the opportunities the national data extraction may have for enhancing local services.

Matthew Leak

Rebecca Clarke

Catherine Lagord

2C. Discussion. Keeping the beat: increasing the detection of high blood pressure

Join us for this exciting discussion where we will learn from local areas on their efforts to increase detection of high blood pressure.

Kareema Olaleye

Ifeoma Onyia

Youssef Beaini

Jason Ralphs

Jo Whitmore

2D. Training. Optimising Anticoagulation for AF patients: lessons learned from the AHSNs

Join members of the Academic Health Science Network to unpick the challenges and opportunities for Optimising Anticoagulation for AF patients.

Sharron Gordon

Workshop three

3A. How to save 100 million lives from cardiovascular disease and prevent epidemics - learning from international partners

We are delighted to be joined by Dr Tom Frieden, CEO at Resolve to Save Lives – a global initiative that aims to save 100 million lives from cardiovascular disease and prevent epidemics.

Tom Frieden

3B. Supporting outcomes of the National Diabetes Prevention Programme and Healthy Living for People with Diabetes

Join colleagues from NHS England and Public Health England as we explore the early outcomes, management support and the role of digital technology in supporting the success of the national diabetes prevention programme.

Ben McGough

Heather Wells

3C. Discussion. Going for gold: enhancing the quality of the NHS Health Check Programme

Local government commissioners discuss their efforts in enhancing quality of their NHS Health Check programme.

Steve Maddern

Christopher Gidlow

Ali Al Osaimi

Jo Hall

Heather Frazer

3D. Information session. Attitudes to dementia and turning understanding into action

Session to increase awareness and understanding of dementia and its relevance to the NHS Health Check. Find out more about Alzheimer’s Society’s led Dementia Friends programme which aims to transform the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about the condition. 

Iain Fossey and Susan Mitchell

Vicki Simmons


The winner of the NHS England and Improvement award was Karen Pearson, Public Health England. 

Award winners 2     

The winner of the delegates vote poster award was Anne Burrows, Public Health England. 

 Award winners with SJ

All poster presentations presented at the conference can be found below:

Using data to save lives: the example of CVD and RAIDR

Livewire Liverpool Health Trainers

KSS AHSN Alliance for Atrial Fibrillation

The Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Resource Pack: A menu of evidence based interventions for London

Telford Healthy Hearts

Education inequalities in treatment to prevent cardiovascular disease: clinical and genetic assessment

Profiling the cardiometabolic risk in men in a long stay prison in Wales

Can the indicators no longer in QOF (INLIQ) be used to assess CVD prevention?

"Mind the Gap" Reducing the detection gap for atrial fibrillation (AF) in Mental Health using quality improvement and innovation methodology

The benefit of opportunistic screening at Know Your Pulse community-based events to identify people with undiagnosed AF

"That’s the first time that someone’s actually told me what my blood pressure actually is": Tackling high blood pressure in Cheshire and Merseyside through community blood pressure checks & lifestyle advice

GTT@home - Home Oral Glucose Tolerance Test. An alternative to clinic visits

Atrial Fibrillation Advance Programme

RightCare Toolkit for Physical ill-health and Cardiovascular Disease prevention in people with severe mental illness

Pharmacist Led Hypertension Review Project in Black (African or African-Caribbean origin) Patients

Haringey and Islington Blood Pressure Testing with Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations

Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Detect. Protect. Perfect.

Using Social Marketing to Reach a Target Audience

Whole System Approach to Working at Scale: Tackling Cardiovascular Disease in the North of England

Re-engaging digitally with non-responders: An analysis of key findings from the Southwark Digital Health Check tool pilot

Optimisation of cardiac medications...for patients attending cardiovascular and heart failure rehabilitation

Heart Health Without a Doctor

Improving population health outcomes using NICE quality statements on cardiac rehabilitation

Introducing lifestyle prevention to the UK Family History Clinics: The Family History Lifestyle Study

Polygenic scores, risk and cardiovascular disease

Reducing Cardio-Vascular Risk in Type 2 Diabetes An Audit of Statin Prescribing in 4 GP Practices in Brighton and Hove (B&H) CCG

Implementation of the Cardiovascular Assessment Screening Program (CASP) in Canada: Results of an RCT

Working with partner to build CVD prevention messages into Restart a Heart Day

Personalised and proactive CVD Prevention: NHS Health Checks and Integrated Lifestyle services in East Sussex


Asset Based Community Development Approach to Diabetes Prevention & Weight Management in South Asian Women

A Strategy Fit for the Future: The West Midlands Co-Production approach

Cardiovascular disease prevention in the 2020’s

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